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The charging form of online bidding is also calculated according to the user's clicks. Simply put, as long as a user clicks on your ad once, whether you buy a product or not, you need to pay Baidu for a click, even if it is your competitor. If you click on your ad, you also need to pay.

After the merger, the benefits to the VIP members of the two forums are obvious. Ascendas has the most original projects, and Jiange has the most other items sold on the Internet, and according to the connections of the Jiange webmaster, a steady stream of new projects appearing on the Internet will be added. 300 yuan will have a project worth tens of thousands of dollars, 4s store WeChat marketing case, and there are many future projects to operate, the two members are really blessed. The only dissatisfaction is that there are a few people, both of whom were soaring VIPs, and joined Jiange. This time I lost a bit. For two webmasters, it is very tiring to lead the team alone, so that they can help each other and take care of each other. And such an attractive price will make a lot of new manual minds. So as to make the team develop better.

"As for the game demo project, to be honest, there are still a lot of people who play it, and this has been done very well in recent years. After all, most people play games, and they usually spend a certain amount of time when they have time. When playing games, I’m like this. However, there is a problem now. Recently, many webmasters have reported that the rewards of the trial platform are low. Don’t want it. Yes, how do you say this problem? This problem is true recently. It’s more difficult. Compared with last year, the game trial commission has really dropped a lot, and the rate is also very large. So what is going on? In fact, the root of this is not the trial platform, but those Game vendors, this is the root of the reason. They have chatted with the operators of the demo platform more than once, and they have also told us some of the main reasons. In fact, they are also very helpless. You must know that the entire industry is not The economy and development are getting worse and worse. Players are playing games with less and less recharges. Therefore, this situation is also predictable. In addition, everyone is trying to brush the game to brush the rewards, causing the game business to lose money. It’s serious, so it’s the current situation. As you can see now, many demo platform web games or chess and card projects are actually half-dead, so it’s boring for everyone to continue and the income is very low. of.

As more and more migrant workers’ brothers are far away from their families and children, elderly parents are left alone and young children cannot receive a good education. You can try to provide such an environment to train children who stay in their hometowns, focusing on quality education, such as computer learning, sports training, etc. At the same time, it provides a place for elderly parents to relax. Both of these can make you rich for yourself and at the same time benefit the folks.

It is recommended to take time to understand how to do this, and see how the good products are sold, and what are the characteristics of each. You can go to other cities to learn from the experience, absorb advanced experience, and then combine the local characteristics. Think about a path that suits you.

Everyone’s gang is a relatively open entrepreneurial money-making project. Making money in the gang is two-way. In the gang of people you can make money by doing reward tasks posted by others, and at the same time you can post reward tasks by yourself and let others complete it. Then start your own business to make money, make money in both directions, and achieve a win-win situation. In addition to doing reward tasks to make money, you can also make money by recommending friends to join the platform to make money, and you can make money by directly inviting friends to complete the reward. If you invite your friends to complete the reward, you can also make money. In other words, after you have done the platform for a period of time, you can make rewards while recommending to friends and relatives to make money together. Over time, even if you do not do the rewards later, you can continue to make money while lying at home. As you can see in the ranking list, many people can earn tens of thousands or even nearly 20,000 yuan a month by just inviting friends. There are additional rewards in the system. If you add in the income from your own tasks, there is no problem with 10,000 or 20,000.

4. Mobile APP makes money, this is more recommended, as long as you have a smart phone and wireless network, you can start. What is APP to make money? Now there is a dedicated APP earning platform, find a reliable platform, and then download the specified task as required, browse for about 3 minutes after downloading, the task is completed, and you can get a reward of 2 to 4 yuan after completion. If you want to make money by hand, you can pay attention to the public account: Uncle Cuckoo Play Money by hand, there are many high-quality platforms for everyone to choose from.

The function of WeChat group building is becoming more and more perfect. This face-to-face group building is especially suitable for new friends who have just met and successful cases of golden ideas. You only need to enter the same password. The method is: select the [initiate group chat] option in the upper right corner of the chat homepage, click [Face to Face Group] after entering, and then randomly specify a group of four digits, and tell everyone around you that everyone can enter the same group by entering this number together In the group, it is very convenient. At the same time, there is a hidden usage that you can create a group for yourself, enter four numbers at random, and there is only you in this group. Unlike sending messages to yourself, the difference in memos is that you can change the name of the group at will after the group is established, and set any one you like, whatever is interesting.

There are a lot of software on the mobile phone. Just follow the task requirements, search, download, and open one software to make money, and it can be completed in two or three minutes. As long as there are more tasks to make money, it is very fast, very true and reliable. However, the price of software like Qian Ka on Apple phones is high, and the price on Android phones is relatively low. So if you have an Apple phone, you can try the money coffee, and an Android phone can learn about Mi Earn.

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